Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Edward's Quilt

A school friend of mine recently had a little baby called Edward, who arrived three weeks early - that'll teach me that no matter how hard you try to be organised somehow you'll be thrown off your best made plans!
I came back from a lovely weekend away in the Lake District with my partner yesterday at lunchtime - he put the final of the snooker on at 2:30pm. Nothing sends me to my sewing machine faster than sports on tv. I watch my partner play in pool competitions during the week, but they're in the local pubs and I'm normally too busy talking to watch the games. Anyway, back to crafting. I managed a solid 6 hours from fabric cutting to quilt completion - a record for me! (I normally run out of fabric/thread*/patience to finish anything in one sitting). Phew. Fuelled only by ginger wine, too! After a short break I whipped up a few burp cloths to go with, using some spotty and some Dr Seuss fabric.  Happy days, eh!
I might even write up a burp cloth tutorial if I find the time this week.
*I've run out of thread for summer baby's quilt...bah! On hold until I get some more.
Oh, forgot to say, the red quilt for Dillan was very well received :)
Excuse the weird photo order, my phone has a mind of its own...

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