Monday, 11 March 2013

Bias Binding

I made my own bias binding, something that for some reason has always frightened me. Well, no more! I even joined all my strips with diagonal seams (oh yes) to ensure that when attaching to the quilt there weren't so many layers for the needle to go through. I'll link in the tutorial I used later - I'm currently writing this on my phone on the bus to work.

I used the blue transport fabric (see earlier post) in a single fold of 3" strips as calculated by the lovely lady at Just Quilting which worked like a charm. I know that 3" is larger than normal but having used it now, I think I might struggle using anything smaller. I stayed up late last night attaching the binding to the front, the only thing left to do is fold and pin it to the back! It's almost finished.....

I have neck strain from sitting at my machine all weekend. :(

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