Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Farmer's Wife Quilt...

I've been getting restless with quilts. I have never been the most patient of people, and making quilts with one continuous pattern is getting a little bit dull. I've looked into various basic block combinations but not felt enough "pull". Then, I discovered this book....

The Farmer's Wife Weekly magazine ran a competition in 1922 for the letters answering the question "would you let your daughter marry a farmer?". There were various cash prizes for the best letters. Over 7000 people wrote in, and the best letters have inspired a block which makes up the pattern on the quilt. I'm going to attempt this as I liked the idea of picking and choosing on a large project, and will be using a limited colour palette (hello, dark reds and yellows!). I'm fully expecting this to take me years.

Can't wait!

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