Sunday, 6 January 2013

Paper cards

Rather late I know, but I've been having such a good festive period there hasn't been much time for crafting! I tried buying a Hanukkah card for my grandmother from Newcastle, but it seemed that there were no cards anywhere in the city. I even asked a John Lewis assistant who said that she had problems getting Diwali cards too - it seems it's hard to get anything other than a Christmas or standard New Year card up here. So, rather than use Moonpig, as I wanted to write the message out myself, I made one. I'm a bit disappointed with the flames but otherwise happy - hopefully it'll be start of more J-crafting!

Next up is the birthday card I made for my dad using the bunting design I used for my nephew's birthday card last year.  Unfortunately this was taken on a phone camera and the sellotape is really obvious on it (I find that glue doesn't really work on the bunting bit to keep the string secure).

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